ECARE Recognized as an example of Relevance for Synergies in European Research Funding during the MoC signing between Clean Aviation and the region of Hamburg

Submitted on Wed, 06/12/2024 - 15:06

The ECARE consortium would like to take a moment to celebrate the Memorandum of Cooperation between Clean Aviation and the region of Hamburg, which was signed at ILA last week.

With Hamburg being one of the pilot regions of the ECARE project, represented by project partner Hamburg Aviation, we are especially pleased about this collaboration which will result in more synergies in the aeronautics industry.

Andreas Rieckhof, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation Hamburg, mentioned the ECARE project and its relevance for synergies in his speech at the signing ceremony:
‘Developing synergies with other centres in European aviation research is very important to us. It is why we are committed to projects like ECARE, which develops synergies in European research funding. ECARE helps us make the most of European research grants, to make sure the money going to research is used more effectively.’

We are now working to support the next steps of this collaboration between Hamburg and Clean Aviation, and are excited for what is to come!

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