The main objective of ECARE is to clarify the landscape of regional / national innovation roadmaps and funding opportunities for aeronautical stakeholders and to create complementarities / synergies between them to enable the European aeronautical industry to achieve the ambitious targets of the CA JU Programme while maximising public funding impact and efficiency. 

To this aim, ECARE will:

  • Develop the platform of reference for European aeronautical players that will (i) map the funding opportunities in the aeronautical sector at European, national and regional levels as well as the regional R&I roadmaps (RIS3, PRIs), the European, national and regional relevant projects (recently finalised, ongoing and planned to commence), and the available scientific/industrial competences and resources and (ii) provide a forum for exchange of information and identification of partners; 

  • Provide methodologies that are tested, improved and validated in four European regions with strong aeronautical expertise to foster complementarities and synergies of funding in the aviation sector; 

  • Provide recommendations to CA JU to optimise funding strategies for future calls; 

  • Establish an ECARE Stakeholder Group (ESG) composed of representatives of regional/national funding bodies, technology clusters and other stakeholders in the aeronautical sector to foster and spread the use of the ECARE methodologies in Europe

  • Disseminate results through a set of virtual and physical workshops as well as communication events to be co-organised with CA JU.