ECARE Stakeholders Group

The establishment and management of the ECARE Stakeholders Group (ESG) will be a key element in the success of the ECARE project. In fact, the ESG will serve as the primary way to distribute and receive information and to start the creation of the ECARE ecosystem. Relevant national/regional funding bodies, European aerospace clusters and other aeronautical key stakeholders (e.g. national aeronautical research centres, aeronautics SMEs business support network, etc.) will be part of the group with the double objective to (i) contribute to the ECARE developments through major consultations and (ii) ensure a potential replicability of ECARE results to other European aeronautics regions and countries. The ESG will help co-create synergies between CA JU and Pilot countries national/regional initiatives. 

For feasibility and coordination purposes, these actors cannot be represented in the core consortium, but they will be instrumental in diffusing the ECARE results to other European regions and countries. ESG members will share ECARE results just as they will receive specific information from the project and will be invited to attend project’s workshops

Members of the ESG are expected to: 

  • Actively participate in workshops of the ECARE project and provide input, in particular funding bodies in the pilot area (4 regions, 3 countries);

  • Provide open communication channels between the ECARE project and their national/regional stakeholders in aerospace; 

  • Promote participation of their stakeholders, especially SMEs, to CA JU calls; 

  • Disseminate the project results to their stakeholders and to general citizens. 

The main outcomes of the ESG are as follows:

  • Provide input to identify synergy mechanisms and make them achievable for their stakeholders; 

  • Strengthen the project’s link between CA JU, the core partners and the diverse aeronautical regions in Europe. 

At the start of the project, the ESG will be composed of the following organisations:          
    - 4 regional funding bodies: Occitanie and Nouvelle Aquitaine regions in France, Hamburg region in Germany, and Campania region in Italy;          
    - 2 national funding bodies: German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Italian Ministry for Universities and Research;          
    - 8 aerospace clusters: AED (Portugal), Agoria-FLAG and Skywin (Belgium) Aviation Valley (Poland), HEGAN and CTA (Spain) NAG (Netherlands) and OPIAR (Romania);          
    - Other entities active in the aeronautical R&I sector: EASN, Network sectorial (South West EEN - France), EEN Hamburg.


Applications for ESG memberships will be open during the entire duration of the project in order to increase as much as possible the ECARE outcomes and impact. Horizon Europe stakeholders will be also invited to participate such as Clean Aviation, SESAR, Clean Hydrogen, Key Digital Technologies and representatives from the European Commission (e.g. DG RTD Aviation).

If you are interested to become part of the ESG, or need further information, please contact: Maybrit.Brooksnieder <at>