The ECARE Digital Platform

The ECARE Digital Platform is being developed to support the main objectives and actions of ECARE, ensuring its impact extends well beyond the project's lifespan. This innovative platform comprises three key components designed to streamline information gathering, enhance collaboration, and provide valuable resources:

  1. Information Collection and Mapping Tools: This feature offers a dynamic way to gather data and update information on regional and national programmes, technologies, and capabilities. It includes a comprehensive database of funding opportunities across European, national, and regional levels. Users can easily navigate this database using advanced search and filter options, such as keyword search, taxonomy terms, geographical regions, deadlines, and more. Additionally, the platform hosts a database of current projects, making it simple for users to find relevant projects through various filters.
  2. Collaboration Space: Designed to foster synergies, this space offers tools like discussion forums and other functionalities. Users can engage in different forms of collaboration, including private or public workgroups, discussion forums with file sharing capabilities, polls, and a partner search/match feature based on user profiles. Private messaging options further facilitate direct communication among users.
  3. Information Database: Aimed at directing regional stakeholders to pertinent information sources, this database is a work in progress. The project consortium is dedicated to curating a practical set of resources to promote synergy implementation effectively. Anticipated resources include a practical handbook on synergies, a repository of completed projects, and supportive materials such as links and guides.

Each component of the ECARE Digital Platform is designed to make information more accessible, encourage collaboration among stakeholders, and provide essential resources to support the ECARE initiative's goals and longevity.

Following the detailed overview of the ECARE Digital Platform, it's important to highlight the platform's emphasis on security and smart functionality:

  • Security and Privacy Features:     
    The ECARE digital platform is being developed as a secure web application, prioritizing user safety and data protection. It incorporates state-of-the-art security policies to ensure a secure environment and employs end-to-end encryption between the frontend and backend systems. All data hosted by the platform are stored within the European Union, specifically in Mons, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam, adhering to the strictest privacy standards and GDPR compliance.
  • Smart Features for Enhanced User Experience:
  • The platform is engineered to offer "smart" features, enhancing the user experience significantly. These features include:
    • Notifications for new Calls, Projects, and Members, keeping users informed of the latest opportunities and updates.
    • Suggestions tailored to each user's profile and preferences, enabling a more personalized interaction with the platform.
    • An AI-aided search engine that improves the relevance and accuracy of search results.
    • Automated translation for non-English calls, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience.
    • Personalized newsletters, offering curated content based on user interests and activities.
    • Full compatibility with all devices, including smartphones and tablets, providing users with the flexibility to access the platform from anywhere.
  • Development and Testing:
    • Currently, the platform is in the final stages of development, with a focus on rigorously testing its security features, functionalities, and overall performance to ensure a seamless and secure user experience. As part of this phase, we're excited to offer a sneak peek into the platform's design and interface, showcasing the thoughtful integration of these advanced features.

EDP screenshots

The ECARE Digital Platform is committed to providing a secure, intelligent, and user-friendly environment for all stakeholders involved, setting a new standard for digital collaboration and information sharing in the realm of ECARE's objectives.

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