EASN Technology Innovation Services

EASN-TIS is a Belgium-based SME acting as the operating arm of EASN Association. It has significant experience in many research projects and CSAs under FP7, H2020 and Horizon Europe in which it leads the dissemination, communication and exploitation activities. It also holds a strong experience in the coordination and management of networking services and activities. Moreover, EASN-TIS has delivered and is responsible for the continuous maintenance and update of the EASN Association platform. The platform provides a gateway for aeronautics news from numerous sources and handles a database of more than 400 members. EASN-TIS has also designed and delivered other similar platforms, such as ARCPORT, SUNJET etc. and in fact understands not only the technical challenges but also the specific needs of the users composing the aviation and aeronautics community. The main role of EASN-TIS in ECARE will be to design and develop the ECARE digital platform as well as to lead the dissemination activities of the project by utilising the EASN database, tools, contacts and agreements with all main aeronautics stakeholders for exchange of information. Finally, EASN-TIS will contribute to all technical WPs and will provide a link between the European aeronautics academic community and the project.