Campania Technological Aerospace District

Campania Technological Aerospace District (DAC) is composed of 188 entities active in the aerospace sector (large companies, SMEs, universities and RTOs). The strategic vision and role of DAC is to manage a network system of research and education enabling to interact with national and international actors and promoting an industry-based and market oriented vision in the sectors of Commercial Aviation, Business & General Aviation, Space and Launchers, Maintenance and Overhauling. DAC operates vertically through coordination of technology driven projects, complemented by horizontal activities which include Project & Knowledge Management, Technology Transfer & Communication, Internationalization & relations with other Districts/Clusters, Professional & High Education. DAC is an active member of EACP participating to several of its Working Groups. The main role of DAC in ECARE is to map Pilot countries competences/infrastructures and issue recommendations for synergy mechanisms. DAC is also contributing to all technical WP activities.